Some biographical annotations

I was born in Indonesia in 1951 from a French mother and an Dutch Indonesian father. In 1960 we were expelled from the country by Sukarno and his followers. We first lived in Italy and in 1965 we moved to the Netherlands. I went to primary school in Indonesia and Italy. In the Netherlands I went to high school and the university. I graduated in psychology with a major in statistics and methodology. In 1985 I married Geri. We live in Amsterdam and we have a daughter Sophie who runs a gymnastics school. Till my retirement in 2013 I mainly worked as management consultant. I speak and write Dutch, Italian, French and English.

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Some of my writings

All documents are in pdf format.

Naar een nieuw cijfersysteem (2016)
Psychologische stromingen (2014)
Makky: Nederlands op z'n Esperanto (2006)
Onderzoek naar de mogelijkheden om het ouderenbeleid van St. Pelangi te implementeren in Noord Brabant (2005)
De emprische grondslag van wetenschappelijk begrippen (1985)
Informatie en geheugen (1973)