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The Dutch East Indies

I am born in 1951 on the island of Sumatra. In 1960 I left, with my parents and sister, Indonesia for Sicily, an island of Italy in the mediterreanean sea. In 1965 we moved again and this time we left for the Netherlands. I have lived there ever since.
In general, people know little to nothing about the history of The Dutch East Indies. So we will start this post with two links to its history:

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Van Nederlands-Indië tot Indonesië (in Dutch)

A short history of the Indo-Europeans of the Netherlands Indies

At this moment the consequences of the policies of the Dutch governement after the declaration of independence by Sukarno in 1947, are still not resolved:

De Indische kwestie (in Dutch)

Marion Bloem: "Wat ik aan tafel bij Pauw had willen zeggen over het Indische leed" (in Dutch)

Not everybody is happy about how Dutch historians describe the situation in the Dutch East Indies:


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